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Who We Are…

Alive Incorporated is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to spread the good news of a personal, loving relationship with our Heavenly Father through Jesus Christ our Lord. We do so through a number of ways, but primarily through literature, most of which is free of charge for the asking. We even pay the postage. We have given away over 9 million pieces of literature without charge.

What We Believe

Scripture says, “We love God, because He first loved us.” We believe that God initiates a transformation in the believer’s heart through a relationship based on an exchange of love. The Scripture is clear–God dwells in those who are born again. Every child of God, upon receiving the love of God, out of an overflowing heart, would then love God in return, thus fulfilling the greatest commandment of loving the Lord with every part of our being. This same overflow of God’s love enables us to fulfill the second greatest commandment of loving our neighbor as ourselves. We believe that the emphasis for our need of a loving relationship with our Lord is the path to revival here and around the world.

Why is this Emphasis so Important?

Emphasis of this foundational truth of the Bible is important because its application brings victory out of defeat in the Christian life. Most Christians try to live the Christian life in the power of their own flesh or with the power of fear. But it is love that never fails. Next to the cross, which was an act of love, an exchange of love with God is the most important teaching of the Bible. Jesus said that to love God is the greatest of all the commandments, and he also said, “receive me”. All of us need to be continually reminded of these two great statements of our Lord. Without this emphasis, all of us fall away from the power of God’s love in our lives—the power that begins when we begin to receive God’s love. When we receive His love, we receive Him because, according to I John 4:8, “God is love.” Only then can we return His love and experience true victory in the Christian life…that is revival!!!

What Does Alive, Inc. Offer Me?

In an effort to encourage and assist you as you minister the message of Receiving God’s Love, Alive, Inc. has developed resources to be distributed by your ministry FREE OF CHARGE. To order any of these free resources, you may go to the “Alive Inc.” tab at the top of this page, then click on the subheading “Orders.” For information on other free resource programs available to your ministry, contact us at [email protected].

Is it Really Free and Why?

This ministry was founded in founded in 1966 by a group of Christians in Texas.  nothing is truly free and Alive, Inc. and the free literature and teachings are supported by gifts of those who believe in what we are doing. So we accept and deeply appreciate all donations. This is as close as you will get to us asking for your money. One of the principles by which we are guided is to not ask people for funds or to tell others our needs, but to only speak those things in prayer to our Father and your Father.