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Your Face, O Lord, I Shall Seek

There is nothing more important in life than discovering true life; not the biological thing we so often serve, but the zoe life that God has promised in the Bible. This book is not about religion. Haven’t you had enough? It is about a relationship with our Creator God; man’s greatest need, want, and fear.

Pathways to Rededication

All of us need to rededicate our lives from time to time as we grow in God’s grace and learn to love Him. There is no middle ground in the Christian life – Jesus said, “If you are lukewarm, I will spew you out of my mouth.” Therefore, we need to be aware of the pathways that lead to an intimate relationship with our Heavenly Father through Jesus Christ our Lord.

The Blessings of Receiving God’s Love

There is a sweet and satisfying companionship with the Lord that every believer needs every day of our lives. The scripture reveals that the secret of possessing this precious companionship is in receiving God’s love and returning His love. The friendly companionship or fellowship is the connection we need to receive our Lord’s many blessings.

Four Steps to Friendship with God

All of us have a great need to grow up – not only physically, but even more important, we need to grow up spiritually. After we receive Jesus into our hearts and lives, we are faced with a decision – will we grow and mature in this new life or not? Growth is needed to continue in healthy friendships as well. If we desire to walk in friendship with God, we must realize that it requires a decision to love Him.

How to Know God Personally

To come to know God personally and to live in that relationship we must believe and have confidence in the inspired Word of God – the Bible. Our Lord is present with anyone who reads His Word with an open mind and heart – He helps them understand and believe. When that happens, a whole new world is opened – a world filled with God’s love and fellowship through a personal relationship with Him.