Media Admonition

We here at Alive, Inc. are about a few things.  But if we were to do a “top 5”, those things would include the following:

  1. Jesus Christ absolutely did not come to this earth to establish another religion!!!! He came to re-establish God’s relationship with man.  To do that, He had to die so that all of mankind would die in Him.  (All died, but not all are saved; obviously we are NOT Universalists or Calvinists or Armenians.)  Biblical salvation is death to my self and living for God, through the power of the Holy Spirit in me through the faith in the Life of Jesus Christ in me.  Our Lord Jesus commanded us to “make disciples of all the peoples, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I commanded you.”  We believe that we have our marching orders from our Lord.  We are to do so, as He said.
  2. The Bible is the Word of God to man and is therefore true; the whole Bible. The world and often theologians have conspired to tell us that much of it does not apply to you, or today; it seems that most believe that the Bible was written to another race, for those in the past, and for the future.  That is their business but it is a lie.  Part of our business is to bring people back to the Bible by telling them that the Bible is God’s Word sent to us as a gift to help us seek God; the entire Bible.
  3. Jesus came preaching “The Kingdom of Heaven”; not “the church”. Again, we have been lied to about our heavenly Father.  It is time we stopped being spiritually lazy and as individuals, allow God to be King in our personal lives—it’s called the Kingdom of Heaven; made up of individuals who have allowed the King of Kings to be king in their lives.  Having the correct “theological doctrine” will not save you; only faith in The Lord Jesus Christ.
  4. The Bible is not a book of Elizabethan era, dreamy, archaic religious clichés. The Bible is very precise Truth, with purpose.  As such, it speaks precisely to man as a species; a creation of God in need of instruction and power to live the life He has given us—with purpose.
  5. As such, it behooves us creatures to define terms in the best way we can, using God-given and God-created logic, not based on man’s theologies, but from spending time with God—engrafting His Word and in prayer. So, we here at Alive, Inc. don’t have much use for theologies, denominations, or dominations!!!!  (I would love to add the number of exclamation points this statement requires, but there is not enough room.)  We, as believers should define terms in a Biblical fashion; by this I mean defining the term the way it would have been used contemporarily by the user and in agreement with the rest of Scripture, not by modern or older theologians who may not know God or believe the Bible.